Episode 2.1: Birthright – The Third Testament of the Psychonaut

Season 2, Episode 1,   Mar 25, 2018, 07:56 PM

From "baskets of deplorables" to Saint Augstine's doctrine of "Total Depravity," it seems that finger-pointing and paranoia are often what we expect of one another. Finding the "light" can be difficult even in ordinary times, and impossible in times of hate and rage and hopelessness. 

The Testament of Birthright makes the audacious assertion that our fundamental nature is to grow, connect, and solve problems; in other words, to be good. In this episode, the first of Season 2 of The Psychonaut Show, we explore the first of the two Testaments of Faith. The Testaments of Faith are the cosmology of our inner worlds; they are what we need to believe if we are going to explore ourselves effectively.  

In this episode, we use the Testament of Birthright to talk about politics and avoid divorce, to overcome the burdens of history, and to find Buddha nature in a piece of chocolate cake.