AL East Preview: Red Sox & Blue Jays - The Bronx Pinstripes Show

Episode 217,  Mar 27, 2018, 08:05 AM

It’s opening week! Today we’re previewing the Red Sox and Blue Jays.

Blue Jays: Arden Zwelling from Sportsnet Canada joined us to talk about new additions to the Jays lineup, if people are overlooking them in the division, Troy Tulowitzki’s injury status, trading or keeping Josh Donaldson, opening day vs the Yankees, and the loss of Jose Bautista. 

Red Sox: Chad Jennings from the Boston Herald joined us to talk about his first year covering Boston, win-now expectations, the JD Martinez signing, the AL East being a 2-team race, Red Sox starting rotation, why they are still missing David Ortiz in the lineup and clubhouse, and new manager Alex Cora. 

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Dates for the 2018 Bronx Pinstripes Regular Season events: 

Apr 7 v. BAL - Saturday, 1:05 - The Dugout

May 26 v. LAA - Saturday, 7:15 - Bronx Brewery

Jun 29 v. BOS - Friday, 7:05 - The Dugout

Jul 22 v. NYM - Sunday, 8pm - Sunday night baseball - Bronx Brewery

Aug 18 v. TOR - Saturday, 1pm - 1998 celebration - The Dugout - Breakfast beers for 20 years

Sep 15 v. TOR - Saturday, 4:00PM - Pregame, TBD

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