30 Years of GCN

Episode 5,  Apr 03, 2018, 06:00 AM

In this very special episode of Q+A, GCN’s Queer and Alternative podcast, we’re celebrating 30 years of publication for GCN, which was co-founded by activist Tonie Walsh in 1988 as a free information service for a pre-Internet queer community. Three decades on, Q+A host and current editor Brian Finnegan sits down to chat with Walsh about the beginnings of Ireland’s gay press in a burnt out building in Dublin’s Temple Bar, and how GCN has evolved between then and now. They’re joined by Deborah Ballard, who edited the publication in the mid-90s, for lots of laughter, reminiscence, great stories, and general chit-chat about the oldest free LGBT+ community publication in the world.

Music by Will St Leger and Faune