Moray Firth Radio - centenarian

Feb 22, 2012, 06:26 PM

Moray Firth Radio from Inverness launched in 1982. Whilst a small operation, it covered a huge geographic area.

The unmistakable and highly-respected Thomas Prag led the station, a former BBC stalwart. Tom became an elder Scottish radio statesman in due course, being wisely appointed to the then regulator, the Radio Authority. His legacy remains to this day on the station, now in Bauer hands.

I only ever visited this wonderful station once, as a regulator. My recollection is, as is so often the case 'out of town', of a station with an incredibly close-knit and efficient team, utterly focussed on the job in hand. I also recall cars left outside, back then, with their keys in the ignition; such was the level of trust in this remarkable place in our World.

Here, enjoy a moment of MFR. The centenarian who really did not wish to share his memories. We've all done interviews rather like this. #radio