New 'Cast, Who Dis?

Episode 1,   Apr 16, 2018, 02:00 AM

Kim, Dave, and Michael introduce themselves and chat about:

Pop the news and feed the children: Isolated cases of men who take PreP contracting HIV anyway has some concerned the medication isn't as effective as first thought. Read more about it: and

I Hear Ya: Bruno Mars as cultural appropriator? YouTube star Seren Sensei weights in here:

The Clap Back heard around the world: Tomi Lahren gets spankedby Parkland teen.

Opinions Are Like Assholes…: Is Top Privilege really a thing? Read all about it here:

No Ma'am: Grocery Store aisle blockers…

!Ay Mi Gente!: Latinos Who Litter…

Lecciones Learned: Coger vs Recoger…

Eso Eso Eso: Austin Bombing Victim support. Donate to the Esperanza Hope Herrera fund here: 



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