The Inaugural Goddamn Dave Hill Show Art Show has happened. Join us for a listen to the scene that was the Art Show of all art shows, including performances by Happy Chichester, Jimmy from Kearny, Dennis D., YngDave and much much more!!! from Apr 16, 2018

Apr 17, 2018, 10:26 PM
  • "Unreasonably long intro"
  • "It's the Art Show!!!" Angel Witch - "Angel Witch" - Angel Witch (duh)
  • "Jimmy from Kearny!"
  • "YngDave"
  • "Dennis Driscoll's Typical Junkie Tales"
  • "The Auction is upon us" [Dave is joined by Pat Byrne to auction the goods!] Chris Fasanella - "Dave Hill Cigar Box Guitar"
  • "Scott from Otisville" Danny Hellman - "Ramen Gang Patch" Heath Wilcox - "YngBaby Jesus and Virgin Dave" Jason McLean - "Here in Spirit" Chris Raschka - "7 Little Ramen Boys" Joe Tait - "Phone Demon Dez"
  • "Ramen Station"
  • "YEZ DEZ!!!!" Rob Leecock - "A Lil Joe Franklin graphite on paper" Justin Smith - "Ramen4Life" Loglia - "The Finchclitt" Dave Bamundo - "YngDave #1" Tracy Dunbar - "Handmade Silver Dave Hill Jewelry Collection"

Justin Gray - "Angel Witch in Repose" Melissa from Vermont - "YngStitch" Thomas Yezerski - "Sweet Solo pen, ink and watercolor" Wade Snook - "Operation YngDave" Happy Chichester - "Sings songs" Rush - "Need Some Love" The Misfits - "Hollywood Babylon" Sweet - "Action" Andy Gibb - "Shadow Dancing" KISS - "Hooligan" Cheeseburger - "Coming Home" The Byrds - "100 Years From Now" Anna Karina - "Rollergirl" Crazy - "Willie Nelson" Nazareth - "Love Hurts" Madame Luke - "Lonesome Town" Ronnie Lane & Ronnie Wood - "Just For a Moment"