Anim18 and Cardiff Animation Festival Special

Episode 7,   Apr 18, 2018, 08:17 PM

This episode is a first and possibly last Cardiff Podcast Special. Why is it special? Well, I was lucky enough to pinch a sneak preview of the launch of Anim18, a celebration of British animation, which is taking place during the Cardiff Animation Festival that starts tomorrow, the 19th of April, at Chapter in Canton.

So I chat to award-winning Welsh animator, Mike Mort about his Chuck Steel, Night of the Trampires film and set exhibition as well as fellow animator and director of the Cardiff Animation Festival, Lauren Orme about what we can expect from the weekend's events.

I conclude by exploring the power and appeal of animation with Hana Lewis from Film Hub Wales and why we should celebrate British animation through the Anim18 project.

Thanks to all the guests for taking part and Jane Thomas for setting up the interviews.