"Welcome to our world, Tim Keller"

Apr 23, 2018, 05:45 PM

In this episode, we discuss the unfamiliar sight of a world leader admitting a mistake, apologizing, and asking forgiveness--as Pope Francis has after initially backing a Chilean bishop accused of protecting sexually-abusive priests.

We also talk about the debate over Mike Pompeo's nomination for Secretary of State, which is strongly opposed not only by Democratic senators but also leading Muslim and Jewish groups. Pompeo's supporters claim that any criticism of his anti-Muslim, anti-LGBTQ remarks is actually criticism of his faith. That's a move we've seen time and again from religious conservatives in politics.

And finally, we discuss the recent gathering of leading evangelicals at Wheaton College, which apparently included New York City pastor Tim Keller bemoaning the "polarization" in evangelicalism. That polarization has been around for at least a century, but better late than never, eh, pastor?

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