S2:EP17 - I Am Just A Fat Guy

Season 2, Episode 17,   Apr 25, 2018, 11:54 PM

Like women, men come in so many different shapes, sizes and backgrounds.  The purpose of this episode is to inspire those that feel they can’t dress with confidence and show them they can. Today, Allan Dubon shares his personal story from being a bean pole to fat guy (his own words, not mine).    In this episode, you will learn:   This is an opportunity for both men and women to listen to the body positivity movement for men. If you're a man who has been told no or felt it because of your size, you’re in the right place.  We’re celebrating your embarrassment with style.    If you’re mantra is to go against the norms of life and the society standards by simply being you, a big dude. Amongst all the criticisms, “No’s”, and rejections that you normally tired of hearing, this episode will show and inspire men to appreciate their size even more and make their dressing dreams a reality.   You're Invited   Join us in May for an invitation-only livestream. I am partnering with Tyrone Cutner who is the Founder of the Well Dressed Man Academy. This is an opportunity for you to share and ask away your challenges with dressing as a modern man of size. Visit bit.ly/S2EP17 or https://www.keepit100girl.com/podcast to RSVP a seat.    Target   Target is launching excellent deals on items such as 20% off Men's and Women's shorts. Also, spend $50 and get a $10 gift card with the purchase of select natural baby items. This week will also feature the Car Seat Trade-In Event: Trade in a car seat and get a 20% coupon for your next car seat.   Hotel Tonight   Speaking of travel, the best kind of weekend: is to book a hotel so you can feel like you did something. Then do a whole lot of nothing while you're there. It's the best of both worlds. We love these Summer getaways for just that. If you’re dressing style and personality is a a party scene, Funky, bohemian and cool, or Hip but beachy, with a chill vibe here’s my friends with benefits PROMO CODE NIBABEL for using and booking with the HotelTonight app.   Get Social With Nina