Number 66ix In The 6ix- Geezy Loc Interview! Guest Co-host Tattoo Barbie We Love Hip Hop Podcast E66

Apr 26, 2018, 11:00 AM

Action packed 2 hour PLUS episode! Office people Stand UP! (Not literally) Thank you to our special guest co-host the lovely Tattoo Barbie of Bad Buddah Tattoos for coming through and chopping it up before and after the EXCLUSIVE GEEZY LOC INTERVIEW!

Songs of The Week: Nanna Goodie:

Gustava Guppa ft Casper tng-Familiar

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Top 6ix Toronto tracks of the week (April 26) So Far… No Particular Order 1. Honcho Hoodlum -10 Toes Down 2. Tory Lanez- Benevolent 3. Robin Banks- I’m All That 4. Yung Tory- Fast 5. K Money - BANG BANG 6. Prince Dawn- Real Toronto Rappers.Com

SARS RADIO EP. 121 April 12th

In News 1. Extra Gravy Tuesday night 2. Kmoney released from jail. 3. Meek Mill is FREE!!! 4. 6ix List update 5. Tattoo Talk with Tattoo Barbie

New releases 1. Drake June 2. Boogz- Suite 101 drops this Friday April 28th (Correction from last week) Honcho Hoodlum- Tales Of A Toronto Hoodlum Deluxe Edition Out Now!

Smoke Break Music: Duvy Ft Js Sav - Gotta Stack It

H.O.P.E. Helping Offenders on Probation Excel

Smoke & Mirrors Featuring Tattoo Barbie 1. Belly gets rushed 2. Man goes crazy and hits 30+ people and 9 dead Yonge/Finch #PrayForToronto 3. Raptors Win! 3-2 Series Lead! 4. Vernan Troy dies at 49 5. Oldest Person in the world living in Japan dies at age 117! 6. R Kelly staff leaves him including lawyers. Daughter speaks out!

Road Tune: Prime Boys Sopranos

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