Carlo Atienza

Episode 8,  Apr 26, 2018, 11:33 PM

To be the best, you have to learn from the best - that's the motto of Carlo Atienza. After discovering a love (and subsequent talent) for dance at age 19, he knew he needed to find his people and a community that would push him further.

Carlo is a successful dancer and choreographer now based in Vancouver, Canada. He is a Director at dance company TwoFourSeven which this year won the international Body Rock competition. 

He's also worked on a bunch of music videos and curates shows and is constantly travelling with his career in the dance community. He started out as many entreprenuers do with a full time job, doing dance on the side and slowly but surely it became his life. One of my favourite parts of this interview was we were talking about feeling like you've got to a point when your passion is your career and for Carlo, it was the moment he bought his own condo in Vancouver with the money he'd earned through dance.

When Carlo was starting out he went out of his way to scare himself into making his dream work and surrounding himself with people he could learn from. This interview was recorded a few months ago, since then his Two Four Seven team has been on America's Got Talent and are the World of Dance Los Angeles champions, Carlo is just kicking goals all over the place... he's funny, charming, inspiring and just an overall joy to talk to and I hope you learn as much from his story as I did.