The State of Immigration with Michelle Lujan Grisham

Apr 30, 2018, 05:00 AM

News Segment - EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with Congresswoman Michelle Lujan Grisham who is also the Chair of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus. She discusses the current status of immigration at the national level and the current proposals in moving an immigration agenda forward. 

Education Segment - we discuss impacts of deportation, mixed status families, and an immigrant economy. 

Mental Health Segment - mindfulness in everyday life: news consumption.

UndocuTalks is a podcast produced by immigrant youth centered on the premise of informing, educating, and sharing culture.

Show Hosts: 

Rafael A. Martinez @undocu_scholar 

Frankc Berlanga-Medina @incogh_stry

Nancy Canales @_nancycanales

UndocuNews Segment: 

Alejandro Mendiaz-Rivera @alejandromagno31

Cindy Nava @cindyloo1912

Mental Health Segment: 

Norma Ramirez @normaramirezart

Original Poetry by: 

Julio Molina @juliom999

Rossy Evelin Lima DePadilla 

Editor & Production: 

Froilan Orozco