John Alexander, April 29, 2018 - Reality Denied ... Extraordinary experiences - pushing limits, defying knowns

Apr 30, 2018, 02:04 PM

In 'Reality Denied', Alexander documents and details "Firsthand experiences with things that can't happen but did"…

Notable background experience includes Silva Mind Control, Akido, researching interspecies communication and teaching psychokinesis. A world traveler, he has met healers and shamans in Peru, Tibet, Nepal (and elsewhere) and studied with Curanderos in South America. That is a very abbreviated list.

More info: website. Bio. - "Dr. Alexander 'calls it as he sees it' and has little use for conspiracy theorists, true believers who take in everything without questioning, or scoffers who refuse to accept facts no matter how persuasive. For nine years he served as a councilor for the Society for Scientific Exploration is a past president of the International Association for Near Death Studies, and a founding board member of the International Remote Viewer's Association."

Additional info and links on the related blog post = Wendy's Coffeehouse blog…

*John's wife Victoria - also present for some of the Shamanic and paranormal encounters - has her own unique perspective to share. That interview is May 13. *