Chris Clem’s Cavs Cast #124 - Cavs/Raptors Game One recap with Dave Sterling

May 02, 2018, 10:12 PM

The Cavs went into Toronto with dead legs and heavy hearts and stole game one. Do the Cavs own them? Why did Kyle Lowry look like he was going to cry after the game? And why does Drake want to fight Kendrick Perkins?

Dave Sterling, the podcast king of Sagamore Hills, joins me once again for a fun talk about Tuesday's game, the Cavs' futures, and a whole lot more including:



-Rodney Hood

-Ty Lue

-Toronto class trips

-More "LeBron James is such an old head…" jokes than anyone could conceivably want

and much more! Plus, Stan "The Man" (in the Bay Area) calls in with some serious joy in his voice. Cavs in six (in the six)!

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