Jonathan Wolfert on Midweek 26 Feb 1986


If there is one station on which one would never expect to hear jingles; it is dear BBC Radio 4. Elements which even smell a little like the 'branding' thing attract the green ink brigade. Promotions for forthcoming programmes? Tusk.

There used to be a few theme ('sig') tunes on the station: remember the twiddly-twomp old PM theme tune from the rotary knobs at the Radiophonic Workshop; or that great orchestral PM theme which Val Singleton used to ride every night? Dum, dum, dum dum dum dum. Even the UK Theme was given the death penalty when the new Controller woke early one morning and wondered why his station was playing some jolly ditty. Had the Pips been different notes, they would be long gone by now.

But there are still no sung jingles, apart from in comedy shows. So, how surprising was it in 1986 to hear the JAM jingles supremo, Jonathan Wolfert, as the guest of Libby Purves on the 'Midweek' Programme. She seemed to enjoy the conversation as she got into it, but one cannot help feeling it was the bright idea of an anorak producer.

Was this Jonathan's only ever Radio 4 PRS pay cheque?

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Feb 25, 2012, 03:19 PM
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WhoDadandSon - over 5 years ago

Certainly was an anorak producer - as per the credit at the end, Victor ('TV Offal) Lewis-Smith, who still uses JAM in his TV productions was behind that booking - brilliant!