Matt Morgan

May 09, 07:49 AM

The wrestling business didn't leave him, he left the business.. happily and without reservation. Find out the WHOLE story on Matt Morgan from beginning to end with the most back stage insight and peeks behind the curtain yet! His first in ring experience of his life was with AJ Styles, being brought up to be Brock Lesnar’s heater, Nathan Jones going AWOL while his music was playing, Vince selling him on the stuttering gimmick, being buried by Big Show, TNA politics with Bischoff and Hogan, struggles with addiction, deciding to make a last second decision to NOT be a surprise entrant in the 2014 Royal Rumble and so much more, as Matt Koon and Robbie find out what happened that made him decide to walk away.. on Why It Ended with Robbie E.