Sight Loss Reunited This Marathon Runner With Lost Family

May 09, 2018, 03:19 PM

Robert Stuzer never thought he would get to meet his birth family.

In fact, having been raised by his adopted family, the man didn’t even entertain the idea of meeting his birth parents. At least not until a few years ago, that is…

After being diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa, a rare genetic disorder that involves permanent changes to vision, Robert set out on a search for long lost family in hopes that his children wouldn’t inherit the illness.

This unexpected journey lead him all the way to Ireland, were Robert created some surprising bonds, one of which had Rob and his new-found cousin, Emer McCormack, running together in the 2018 London Marathon to raise funds for the RNIB charity.

Speaking to RNIB Connect Radio’s Simon Pauley, Robert tells us more about this moving family reunion, life after sight loss, and how much he wants to give back to the community that helped him.

If like Robert, you would like to support people with sight loss and run in London Marathon 2019, you can register for a place with Team RNIB by visiting: