Episode 51 - Grover Smith, Ryan Lachaine, and Tim Archuleta of Indie Chefs Week

May 10, 2018, 11:00 AM

On today's podcast Eric is joined by new co-host Matt Harris to go through some of the latest news from the Houston restaurant and bar scene. Eric and Matt discuss what restaurants opening between now and Labor Day they're most excited about, the ambitions of Musaafer coming to Houston this fall, and the latest regarding Finn Hall. In the Restaurants of the Week section Eric and Matt discuss Tuk Tuk Crab, Aqua S, and the WAGYUMAFIA pop up at Blacksmith. 

In the Guest of the Week portion of the podcast, brought to you by 8th Wonder Brewery, Eric is joined by Grover Smith, Ryan Lachaine, and Tim Archuleta to discuss the latest Indie Chefs Week in Houston. The guys discuss why Indie Chefs week came back to Houston so soon, Ryan hosting the event for the first time, what keeps Tim coming back to participate in the event, getting inspired by other chefs during the event, how the event has helped Ryan grow professionally, and much more. 

Please Note: There were issues with the mic that Grover used periodically during the podcast, especially at the beginning. Adjustments to his and everyone else's mic levels were made during post production but at different points the volume might be difficult to hear. We apologize for this issue and we're working on making sure this issue does not occur again. 

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