How Bed and Breakfasts can Beat the Competition from Airbnb

Season 1, Episode 4,   May 10, 2018, 08:44 AM

Hello, I’m Yvonne Halling of Bed and Breakfast and today I’m going to talk about how to “beat the increasing competition from Airbnb” so if you’re finding that bookings have dropped off because there’s so many airbnb’s in your neighbourhood, then my 3 top tips I’m sharing in this video will help you
First, keep in mind that there are customers for every conceivable product or service, at any and all price points, and we choose what we’ll buy according to certain circumstances at the time, which change on a day by day basis.
Your job is to know who you are, so that the people who correspond to you, will book with you.  This doesn’t mean that sometimes they’ll choose an anonymous hotel or an Airbnb, but when they want that special thing you offer, they’ll book with you.
So how do you do that
Step #1
Get really clear on what you’re about, and position yourself as the specialist or expert in the eyes of your guests, so you stand out like a beacon of hope in stormy seas.
When you do this, there is no competition, and you won’t have to discount your prices or prostitute yourself on the online travel agents just to get guests
You can be more selective, more exclusive and in many cases, more expensive when you get good at being YOU, and you communicate your value clearly
There are generalists everywhere all “competing” for guests.
Don’t play that game.
Step #2
Use your existing reviews as social proof that what you have is good and others have loved it. Reviews are yours to use wherever you want, as they’re already in the public domain, so copy them and use them in all your communications, on your website and on social media.  When you’ve got a great review, share it with the world, to encourage people to take a look at your property.  And then when they get to your website, they’ll find a clear message on who you are and what you offer

Step #3
Don’t engage in negative thought patterns about what’s happening in your area.  Remember what I said at the beginning, there are customers for every price point, and there are customers for you too.  Sometimes we drag ourselves down with our negative feedback loops in our heads that the world is a certain kind of way, and there’s nothing we can do about it.  Well there is, and it starts in our heads and our ability to change the stories we tell ourselves
Think of it like this, Airbnb is doing you a favour because now that things have changed for you, you’ll have to make changes yourself, so you can become another version of yourself.
It’s pointless to expect the world to stop changing, so that we don’t have to
Embrace it instead and you’ll continue to thrive

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