"We are swimming in a sea of red flags"

Season 1, Episode 25,   May 11, 2018, 03:53 AM

This week, Nish and Amy talk about Trump's belated announcement of a White House faith office, as well as the backlash among Southern Baptist women to comments from Paige Patterson regarding marriage and domestic abuse.

We also interview journalist Ruth Graham about her recent Politico Magazine story, which laid out in fascinating detail the extent to which Christian media have become an extension of the White House communications effort.

And Amy takes over Three Minutes of Nish this week to rant about the National Rifle Association's prayer breakfast.

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Discussed This Week:

'Jesus loves me and my guns': Faith and firearms touted at the NRA's prayer breakfast (Bobby Ross, Jr., Washington Post)

Amid Stormy Daniels news, Trump announces faith-based effort on National Day of Prayer (Sarah Pulliam Bailey and Michelle Boorstein, Washington Post)

'We are shocked': Thousands of Southern Baptist women denounce leader's objectifying comments, advice to abused women (Sarah Pulliam Bailey, Washington Post)

Letter from Southern Baptist women to the SWBTS Board of Trustees

A letter to my brothers (Beth Moore)

Church of the Donald (Ruth Graham, Politico Magazine)