The Albion Roar 12 May 2018 - with guests Guy Butters and Danny Cullip

May 11, 10:41 AM

After five years of hassling, Danny Cullip finally relented and joined the returning Guy Butters in the Kemp Town studio - initially for a chat about Albion In The Community and the Brussels to Cologne bike ride.

However, what we got was a trawl through Danny's and Guy's careers, both at the Albion and pre- and post-Brighton. Some fabulous stories, fascinating philosophies and consideration from over the past 25 / 30 years of their respective careers. And we managed to fit in talking about their award-winning roles at AITC - and how they were tricked into coming to the awards ceremony...

This is 99 minutes of great stuff every Albion fan should listen to.

Cover pic - © Paul Hazlewood