Ascot Garden Show, 2018

Aug 08, 2018, 09:12 AM

Early 2018 Stephen Bennett was a guest on The Sodshow. Stephen had, he told Peter Donegan, started a new journey working alongside Royal Ascot. Better famed for their race meetings a new garden show was about to give birth and the voices you hear are just 20 of the growers, nurserys, designers and trades that were there over that weekend. 

If I'm honest, I ddn't have to do this but I've personally felt the pinch and the knock on effect of 2018's adverse weather and it's important if only to me, that new garden shows and those who smile always as I walk through the gates get a little of the availble air time. I'm glad I did and as with all of The Sodshow episodes, this one made me smile. 

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My hope, is that for the first time ever, you may get to hear that voice and what they do. That you may then like what you hear and maybe fingers crossed we will meet in 2019 at year 2 of Ascot Spring Garden Show and armed with a photo of that voice you heard and liked, support them. 

As always, very much thank you for listening. It means a lot, 

X Peter 

Those I spoke to in order are:  

Phil, APL

Julie - Savill Garden

Hannah - Cookes Garden Centre

Sarah - Oxford Planters

Steve - Spear and Jackson

Drew - Ascot (no photo)

Pip Probert - Peoples Choice Award Winner

Colin, Hoyland Plant Centre

Rosy Hardy - Hardys Nurseries

Lesley - Muntons Plant Supports

Lucy - Alitex Greenhouses

Mike - Tibbs Plants

Carl, Solid Oak Hardwood Furniture

Hugh, John Cullen Gardens

Stone Wood Services

Ryan Alexander

Alex, Woodland Trust

Rupert, RSPB

Vicky, New Forest Hostas Hemerocalis

Theodora Keeling, Whichford Pottery

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