Emerging Market Long/Short Strategies - Boston Partners - with Paul Heathwood, CFA

Episode 762,  May 16, 2018, 08:08 PM

The Director of Investor Relations, Paul discusses BP's  L/S funds, especially the unique Emerging Markets L/S fund, part of their $100 Billion in Assets Under Management.  While L/S funds are fairly commong, few apply this strategy to international markets, especially Emerging Markets.  On a bottom up basis, they look for companies with rich valuations and potential catalysts to move the price, both on the long and short side.  They allow the market to determine the net exposure, with the short side usually between 30-70% of the Long side.  He also discusses the unique challenges and features of the opportunities in Emerging Markets.  An enlightening interview on a subject receiving much less attention than most in the financial markets.