Political crisis deepens as head of the Civil Service says he's unsure of what decisions he can make - just who is in charge of NI? @Kelmba and @MarkHDurkan discuss

May 17, 2018, 01:09 PM

Northern Ireland's political crisis deepened yesterday when the head of the Civil Service said there is a lack of clarity on what decisions departments can make in the absence of Ministers. David Sterling also warned that events such as the North West 200 could now be at risk. It's all down to a judge's decision that a civil servant did not have the power to approve a controversial incinerator project. The incinerator in Mallusk, County Antrim, was blocked by the High Court on Monday. The Department for Infrastructure has announced it will appeal the judge's decision. And this morning has thrown up another possible headache for local civil servants. It's been announced that fixed odds betting terminals in England, Scotland and Wales will have the cost of a spin slashed from £100 to £2. But there's uncertainty if Northern Ireland will follow. Just who would make that decision? Stephen talks to our political editor Mark Devenport, and gets reaction from Alliance MLA Kellie Armstrong and SDLP MLA Mark H Durkan.