Who Are Ya Talks… Jim Keoghan, author of Punk Football

Season 1,   May 19, 2018, 04:30 AM

Hello and welcome to Who Are Ya, a monthly podcast about the football clubs of Great Britain. 

Well, that’s what it was. We’ve decided to change it up a little, shower you with more content. 

An episode every month isn’t as frequent as we’d like, so we came up with the idea of additional episodes - outside of the usual Who Are Ya pod format that we know and love.

We’re going to be introducing an additional podcast every month that hopefully adds a bit more colour and depth to the issues we talk about on the podcast.

These could be interviews, casual conversations, mini documentaries or something else entirely. We think these will be worth listening to if you’re a fan of what we do at all - It goes without saying that if we didn’t think the episodes were worth a listen we wouldn’t release them for you. 

For our first Who Are Ya Talks… this is the full interview I recorded with Jim Keoghan, who featured heavily in our protest clubs episode and is the author of Punk Football. You may have heard some of this in the episode, but we had a really interesting chat so here is the full thing.

After that, Dave and I recently spoke about Who Are Ya on one of our favourite football podcasts - A Team of John O Sheas. They basically gave us a platform to share the creative process and our thoughts behind this podcast. A clip from that will be coming after the interview.