Commodity Trading - Commodity Asset Management - with Nate Polachek

May 21, 2018, 07:29 PM

Following stints at some of Wall Street's largest and most prestigious investment firms - Goldman Sachs, Bridgewater Capital and AQR Hedge Fund - Nate started CAM with his partner to focus on little followed, niche markets in the Commodities markets, i.e. nickel, zinc, lead, palladium, aluminum and other even lesser known commodities.  Able to be long or short, mostly in the Futures market, they use fundamental analysis and quantitative metrics, and do not pursue trend following, which is the more typical approach for commodities trading.  Investors today often seek a low-correlated investment for their portfolio, and many are turning to commodities for diversification from equity and fixed income markets.  Listen to this conversation to learn about this unique way to add diversification to a portfolio, and able to create profits in rising or declining markets.