Dan Weber and Keely Eure give their final thoughts on the Todd McNair trial

May 25, 09:57 PM

In this special edition of the Peristyle Podcast, Keely Eure and Dan Weber give an in-depth analysis of the Todd McNair v. NCAA trial. Both reporters covered the entirety of the case at the Stanley Mosk Courthouse in Downtown Los Angeles. Weber has been covering the McNair saga since it began, almost seven years ago.

Eure and Weber first address how they feel about the trial now that there has been time and space to think about the verdict. What could have McNair's attorneys done differently? Why did McNair's lawyers drop two of the three claims from the original lawsuit? Did the jury get it right under the constraints in the verdict form? Should there have been another witness on McNair's side?

Weber then discusses his conversation with Anthony Bruno, the presiding juror in the McNair trial. Did Bruno's experience as a lawyer have an impact on the jury? Did Bruno believe that the jury would have found the NCAA liable for negligence and breach of contract? What was the benefit of reading all six hours of Lloyd Lake's interview with the NCAA?

Eure and Weber also take time to answer questions sent to the show. Who decided to drop two out of the three claims in the case? Did anyone at USC actually know about Reggie Bush's impermissible benefits? Will McNair ever coach at the D1 level again?

Lastly, both reporters finish the episode by discussing some of the behind the scenes information they gathered while covering the case. What was it like to cover this case for more than a month? What will happen next to McNair and this case?