Christian O'Connell's debut breakfast show on Gold 104.3 in Melbourne

Jun 03, 2018, 09:13 PM

Few UK jocks at the top of their game would choose a trip across the World as their next gig. Christian O’Connell did – as he moved from over a decade on Absolute Radio breakfast to Gold 1043 in Melbourne, Australia – ‘Better Music and More of It’.

He introduced himself well to his new audience and really sounded himself on his official debut show on 4th June 2018. Typically good story-telling – and the usual polished delivery of class lines from his enviably quick brain. Plus, he promised to call back every texter after the show.

There were a few technical hiccoughs at the outset - which are always much more infuriating for the on-air talent than for the listeners. But they did give good cause for a flood of typical OC lines: “Half an hour on air and very little has gone right”. “Who can I complain to about my own show?”. Thankfully much that went awry was just after 6 am whilst Oz was just awakening; so let’s not worry unduly about the UK anoraks who were fully alert for it at 9 pm BST with their cassette machines poised.

Great ‘getting to know you’ promos. Beautifully-read news and travel bulletins – including those live sponsor lines. And note the very short solo ads (which we used to do at LBC a decade ago too) - and the ad for a big erection. And relish Christian’s live ad for Shotton lifts - and the bed company one at the end: "More than just a bed - they're the experts -in sleep"!

It was alive – and great fun to listen to. Good luck.