Gangs of Wasseypur

Jun 12, 2018, 06:29 AM

A one-of-a-kind epic crime saga or an uninspired indulgent gangster movie? They feud, you decide! 

On this week's feud, Vidur and Vikram come out guns blazing as they clash over a bollywood movie and the longest movie on the IMDB top 250 - Gangs of Wasseypur. With 5 hours of movie to feud over, the feuders waste no time. One instantly begins comparisons to the Godather while the other claims his college experiences numb him to an important part of the movie. 

Things heat up when Vikram whips out his Bhojpuri accent. Meanwhile, Vidur tries to keep it high brow, drawing parallels with Jiro Dreams of Sushi. They bring up the reality of life in Bihar, go through the hilarious subtitles and break in to self composed Weird Al-esque version of the songs.

Tweet to Film Feud @filmfeudpod and let them know who you think won and what points you would have raised during the feud. Stick around till the end of the episode to learn which film will be on next week's feud.

Note: Unlike Gangs of Wasseypur, this episode of Film Feud is NSFW but censored