#AudioMo 2018 - Day 11 - Geoffrey Welchman

Jun 14, 11:12 PM

I thought I would finish of this week’s AudioMo’s with another interview from The Bletchley Park Podcast.

I’ve been producing the show for nearly 6 years now and during that time I’ve interviewed so many people. Lots of those interviews stand out for me especially the ones with Veterans, but this one has a very special place for me.

During WW2 Gordon Welchman was one of the most important members of staff at Bletchley Park working directly with Alan Turing to design The Bombe Machine but maybe more importantly for Geoffrey’s, he was his grandfather.

I had got to know Geoffrey over a couple of years via Twitter and in 2016 he came to the UK for a flying visit of 48 hours, to see his son graduate and to visit Bletchley Park for the first time. I had the honour to show him around and to be able to take him into his grandfather’s wartime office. I have never seen anyone so affected by a visit and it was wonderful to be able to share that visit with him. The picture I have used today is of Geoffrey sitting at Alan Turing’s desk. The ones in his grandfather’s office were for him only.

This was originally included in the September 2016 episode of The Bletchley Park Podcast which looked at Churchill’s Action This Day letter.

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