"This is one of those moments"

Season 1, Episode 28,   Jun 16, 2018, 03:09 PM

Buckle up, listeners. We recorded this week's episode just an hour or so after Jeff Sessions cited Romans 13 to justify the Trump Administration's policy of ripping families apart at the border, so we were in full NOT TODAY SATAN mode. You have been warned, and you're welcome.

We also discuss the Southern Baptist Convention's annual meeting, at which the denomination tiptoe into discussions of church abuse and gender, but then leapt about 72 steps backward by hosting Mike Pence for a campaign-style stump speech.

And we consider what it means for a U.S. Catholic bishop to even propose the idea of withholding the Eucharist as a way of sanctioning Republican Catholics who have been complicit with the Trump approach to immigration.

(Technical note: Amy's audio sounds like she was recording either underwater or in an echo chamber this week. It won't happen again.)

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