How to Find and Keep Great Staff for Your Bed and Breakfast, Guest Houses and Inns

Season 1, Episode 8,   Jun 19, 2018, 02:53 PM

How to Find and Keep Great Staff for Your Bed and Breakfast, Guest Houses and Inns

Hi I’m Yvonne Halling at and today I’m going to talk about finding and keeping great staff.  This thorny topic featured highly in our recent survey about the biggest challenges owners face, so if you’re having trouble with your staff, or you just can’t seem to find anyone to help you, then I’m going to give you 3 tips today on keeping good staff and one final tip of finding great staff that you might find surprising.

Tip #1

To find great staff, you’ve got to be a great employer.  That means taking responsibility for how you show up.  The culture and atmosphere you create for your guests must extend to every single member of staff and it’s up to you to help them carry that culture for you.

If you’re prone to complaining, or you’re a bit pessimistic, or you’re in the habit of micro-managing people, your staff will leave.

People like to be respected, so no matter what tasks they’re carrying out for you, they deserve your respect, even when they’ve made a mistake.

Tip #2

Set clear expectations, preferably written down, that your staff can understand.   

Have all your procedures carefully documented so they know how everything works at your property.  Don’t leave anything to chance.  

People like structure and boundaries, and when they’re fuzzy or missing, they tend to feel confused. Confusion leads to dissatisfaction which leads to staff leaving.

Tip #3

Show appreciation often.  

Involve your staff in everything that goes well at your property, as well as things that don’t go so well.  Every 5 star review needs to be celebrated with every member of the team, so everyone understands that they played their part in the success of the business and that you know they did too.

Communicating with staff when things go badly, and forgetting about when things go well will lead to discontent and apathy, and eventually resignations.

Create a culture of positivity, inspiration and appreciation and your staff will want to stay with you.

Tip #4

Finally, on finding great staff.  Your own energy of optimism, positivity and pride in what you offer will by itself attract good staff, who’ll want to do well for you, and who’ll want to stay. Your only job in this is to take good care of yourself and your energy.

When people are taken care of and loved, they won’t bother going anywhere else.

I know this sounds a bit “out there” but it really does work.  I won’t go into the scientifics of this stuff, but just know that we attract what we are, and if we complain, blame and make excuses, we’ll attract situations and people that allow us to continue to do that.

So make a decision to raise your energy to what you want to experience, and magic will happen, despite all the problems you may have had with staff in the past.

If you’d like to know more about how to streamline your business so you can find and keep good staff and free up even more of your time, then register below for my upcoming Masterclass where I’ll show you how to make more, work less, pay less commissions with less stress.