Ep 20: I'm Proud to Say Boss, I'm That Baby's Daddy!

Jun 21, 2018, 05:48 AM

Wait, is it really episode 20?! We're bringing in this week reflecting on our Father's Day and what it means to be a father these days? Trashing the stereotypes and breaking down barriers to be there for our children. You know we had to jump straight into the #TRASHRelationship question. Should the man in a relationship be responsible for all of the bills? Are you able to be considered a provider if you're not providing all of the funding? You know this one is going to be interesting! Then carrying on to our #TRASHAlbumReviews we gotta touch on Nas and how The Carters didn't give his album to even drop before they hit us with "Everything is Love". The Uncle Drew Soundtrack, Jacquees and Jay Rock all dropped this week. We got a little sports talk this week about Kawhi Leonard and the drama with the Spurs. Breaking up our usual trash talk to pay respect to XXXTentacion and Jimmy Wapo. Have we been desensitized as whole? Do we lack empathy because we are exposed to so many tragic events? Death on social media is unfortunately becoming the norm. Peace to both of those young men.

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