Episode 130 - Nerds! Bryan Silverbax & Caleb Hardin

Jun 22, 2018, 06:43 PM

Bryan SilverBaX - a former US Army paratrooper and law enforcement officer that has changed his focus to being a comic book artist. After many years away from art he got back to drawing in 2013. With goals of publishing his own comic book project through a major distributor Bryan has landed a few notable artist achievements. He has designed licensed shirts for Danny Trejo, Stone Cold, Scott Hall and a few other wrestlers. Bryan also knows his way around the world of filming both in front of and behind the lens, he has done background acting and was even on the season 8 finale of The Walking Dead.

Bryan does his best to get involved with anything entertainment or comic related. He has done a few small things in the wide world of comics but the biggest has yet to be published, he did a pin up in a comic that will be published world wide. Bryan is currently doing freelance art while working on his personal comic book title Year Zero. Bryan lives by his motto: STAY CREATIVE!

http://silverbax.com / @SilverBaXart (TWITTER)

Caleb Hardin - After spending years listening to others talk about his favorite fandoms, Caleb Hardin launched his own podcast: Cuz We’re Nerds.

http://cuzwerenerds.com / https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/cuz-were-nerds/id1335336785?mt=2

The goal: provide a podcast centered on all manner of nerd culture including comics, movies, video games, board games, anime and more! He’s joined by his lifelong friend and cousin Zach, who serves to keep the show well-rounded. Notable topics include their Road To Avengers: Infinity War series, Solo: A Star Wars Story discussion and E3 coverage.

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