05 The Conversation / Blow Up / Blow Out: A Film Triptych

Jun 28, 2018, 04:00 PM

After a hiatus, we're back with an episode about my favorite film of all-time: Francis Ford Coppola's 1974 paranoid thriller, THE CONVERSATION. 

THE CONVERSATION has a special relationship with two other films: Antonioni's BLOW UP, which preceded and inspired it, and Brian De Palma's BLOW OUT, which is influenced by both movies. 

This episode explores the interconnection between the three through their music, sound design, and especially their thematic interests which include reality, perception, truth, and privacy. 

Naturally SPOILERS for the three movies, which do have some surprising twists and turns. I'm also including a spoiler warning for Hitchcock's VERTIGO as that film's plot has a special relationship to BLOW OUT. 

Show Notes:

0:00:00 - Introduction

0:03:00 - Blow Up Intro

0:04:15 - Herbie Hancock / Music as Setting & Counterpoint

0:08:28 - The Blow Ups: Narrativized Reality

0:11:58 - Persona Music: Bullitt, Pelham, Dirty Harry

0:13:30 - The Conversation Intro

0:16:00 - Harry Caul's Theme

0:20:45 - The Assignment Theme

0:22:00 - Theme Melding / Filtering and Processing

0:25:27 - Amy's Theme: Harry & Relationships

0:31:13 - The Ending & Legacy

0:36:30 - Blow Out Intro / De Palma & Hitchcock

0:39:35 - Coed Frenzy: Disco & Rock

0:43:40 - Recording & Conspiracy / National Mood

0:51:03 - Suspense Music: Burke Materail, Psycho

0:53:48 - Tragic Love: Jack & Sally's Theme, Vertigo

1:03:45 - Truth & Perception in the Trio

1:05:05 - Outro / Sources / Social Media / "Theme from The Conversation"

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Available on Amazon: "David Shire's The Conversation: A Film Score Guide" by Juan Chattah. 

Available on Amazon: Film commentaries from THE CONVERSATION (Francis Ford Coppola & Walter Murch, on Blu-ray),  BLOW-UP (Peter Brunette, DVD only). David Forgac’s essay “BLOW-UP: In The Details” included in the CRITERION COLLECTION release of BLOW-UP. 

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