Episode 311 :: European Vacation

Jun 27, 10:29 PM

After two weeks traipsing around Switzerland and Hungary, Cap has returned to The States with tales and peculiar confections to share. Discover the Halo-esque terrain of the Alps and travel to the Schilthorn - the real world site of Blofeld's mountaintop base from On Her Majesty's Secret Service. Learn about Hungary's volcanic geology, canoe through a water-filled lava tube, and venture to Eurpoe's largest pinball museum. But when the Cap's away... the boR, Brandon, and Doug will... watch Westworld season 2. Hear some spoiler-free thoughts now that the second season has concluded and how a Westworld mobile game is shockingly similar to another timesink we know and love.For links and more info, head to the main episode page:https://nerdyshow.com/2018/06/nerdy-show-311-european-vacation/ ‎