Maddy Harland, Permaculture, Part 2

Aug 15, 2018, 04:39 PM

Maddy Harland is the co-founder of Permaculture Magazine International (1992) and book publishing company Permanent Publications (over 80 books inc. former guest Charles’ Dowding and Stephanie Hafftery’s Award winning, No Dig Home and Garden, 1990).

In 1995 Maddy helped set up The Sustainability Centre in Hampshire, a former Naval base and now a thriving educational centre and is the author of The Song of the Earth, Fertile Edges and the Biotime Log (August 2018).

Over 2 episodes, Maddy talks with Peter Donegan about permaculture. What is it ? How does one do a little, on their balcony, small back garden in their town or in their estate. As important, we chat what one should not do, the magazine she co-founded and edits, the books she has written and published and in true Peter style (?) things go a little off the beaten path and come back again.

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Established in 1996, is a trusted source of free practical information about permaculture and other related subjects. It has hundreds of feature articles, videos, reviews, and reader’s solution all searchable by content or your favourite author.

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Published quarterly, Permaculture – Earth care, People Care, Future Care is a bestselling international green/environmental magazine. Its 88 pages are packed with inspiring articles written by leading experts alongside the readers' own tips and solutions.It is also full of reviews of the latest books, dvds, tools and products, details of courses and access to contacts who will help you achieve your own goals and dreams.

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Fertile Edges:

Maddy Harland explores the rise of permaculture globally, from its origins in Australia in the 1970s to its current activities in over 170 countries worldwide, and describes the positive developments of this global movement and the huge potential it has yet to achieve. Amid a wealth of permaculture’s solutions and the ecocide of ‘business as usual’, Maddy interfaces practical permaculture and global transformation with deep ecology. “…breathtaking and strangely rollicking good fun.” John D. Liu film maker of Green Gold

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