Tonight Dave broadcasts from a secret bunker in Northeast Ohio as he goes on the lam for a bit. Dez holds things down in the captain's chair in Studio A. They have both lost a lot of blood. from Jul 2, 2018

Jul 05, 2018, 02:48 PM

Weirdly long intro. Even longer than usual. Angel Witch - "Angel Witch" - Angel Witch Guided by Voices - "My Kind of Soldier" Happy Chichester - "Artificial Fanfare (Music in My Head)" Ohio Players - "Ecstasy" Dave talks to James. James talks to Dave. Then they take calls. John Lennon - "Power to the People" Rod Stewart - "Street Fighting Man" Lou Reed - "There Is No Time" Michael Rault - "I'll Be There" Mattiel - "Fives and Tens" T. Hardy Morris - "Homemade Bliss"