Spx Podcast; Kristen Shepard, MFA Executive Director 7-10-18

Jul 11, 2018, 11:52 AM

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On this episode of SPx, Joe and Ashley are joined by Kristen Shepherd, Executive Director of the Museum of Fine Arts St. Petersburg. The youngest and the first female director of the museum, Shepherd is breathing life into the halls of St Pete's only comprehensive art collection. Equipped with more than two decades of experience working with Sotheby's and the Whitney Museum of American Art, Shepherd is well-versed in art and the business that surrounds it. Alongside her team of curators, Shepherd is weaving together old and new, and shaking the dust off of this renowned institution with relevant, socially conscious exhibits like "Can I Get A Witness" by Herb Snitzer and "Magnetic Fields, American Abstractions from the 1960’s."