My Story: Becoming Your Best Self - Episode 50

Jul 19, 2018, 04:00 AM

Can’t believe I made it to episode 50! And to mark the occasion, I decided to share my story and journey so far. This moment in time is quite pivotal in my life as I am currently going through a real transition period so the timing of Ep 50 seemed right.

For this episode, I invited my friend Anton (from the Wriinkle podcast) to help me break down my life journey, experiences, what has shaped me and how I got myself through some dark times. We also discussed why right now is such a transition period and how I see Dreamer’s Disease shaping up in the near future.

Hope you guys enjoy hearing a bit more about me :)

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Some topics we discuss:

My experiences during school

Starting a working life from an early age

Why I didn’t go to university

How a passion for music and blogging landed me a dream job

The darkest time in my life

Starting Dreamers Disease

Having a passion for helping others

Going through a transition phase

Learning from every experience

Importance of having a positive mindset