S2:EP29 - The Sarah Spain Interview - I Had Fallen Prey the Way I Had Not Imagined

Season 2, Episode 29,   Jul 18, 2018, 03:11 PM

In today’s episode, Nina talks with the esteemed sports journalist, Sarah Spain who celebrates her embarrassment by sharing her personal wakeup call to women in the sports media industry. I also got a few girly things you didn’t know before today.   The goal is the make the industry better by being open and vocal about the issues that we still have and the things that women still face so that when women are coming up in their careers they don't feel alone and as they evolve to that more established woman. Sarah highlights situations where herself and women in the sports media industry (or any industry for that matter) have faced sexual harassment. It's an unfair double standard that men in the industry don't have to face.