Camps open, Julio's contract, Flacco, NFC East previews, and more...

Episode 545,  Jul 19, 2018, 01:27 PM

Dane Martinez, Scott Engel, and Jake Ciely are your daily morning RotoExperts. Dane's enthusiasm for the Ravens opening up training camp has him ready to talk more fantasy football, including asking what value Shane Vereen could have after signing with the Saints; Scott is not sure he has much, if any. Dane and Scott question if Julio Jones will hold out of training camp after the Falcons notified him that they will not renegotiate his contract. Back to the Ravens, Dane and Scott question how much Joe Flacco has left in his tank, and how much more the Ravens can hold on to a faltering relationship. Looking at tight ends, the guys ranks the likes of Greg Olsen, Cameron Brate, and Evan Engram. Jake tags in for Scott, as he and Dane start previewing the fantasy values for the Cowboys not named Ezekiel Elliott. 

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