With Every Mistake, There's a Learning Opportunity - Wally & Melody Fosmore, Fosmore Construction

Episode 2,   Jul 23, 2018, 05:03 AM

Wally and Melody Fosmore founded Fosmore Construction in 2004, a high-quality construction and remodeling company. 

Wally is a journey level electrician and a certified HVAC technician and welder. He has worked on mulitmillion dollar projects as a facility manager for the local community colleges and has worked for numerouse architects and engineers. He loves to build, and more importantly, loves knowing their company is improving the lives of their clients.

 Melody has always been creative, and for over 20 years worked as a graphic designer for several companies. She has an eye for detail and color and loves to collaborate with clients who need a little help discovering the best fit of fixtures, tile, wall color and other elements that contribute to an overall living space. Melody is an accomplished textile quilt artist. She takes great satisfaction in working with Wally to bring quality design, construction resources and experience to their clients’ lives.

When Wally had back probelms that prevented him from being able to work, Molly jumped in and took the reigns to run the business. By the time Wally was back on his feet, Melody had grown to love the work and didn't want to let go. There grew to be a struggle between them and who was doing what so they worked together with a coach and learned how to be better players together and separate their work from their relationship and their business doubled. 

Melody and Wally say, "We've made tons of mistakes; we're still making them every day...we try to make it so that anytime there's a mistake or an error made...there's a learning opportunity."