The Parker's Piece Feast

Jul 23, 2018, 10:57 AM

THE PARKER’S PIECE FEAST (She’ll be Coming Round the Mountain)

Words by Dave Cohen  Sung and Transcribed by Bethany Kirby

Verse 1

Was in 1838 at Parker’s Piece

Fifteen thousand ate a massive lunchtime feast

It was for the celebration, Queen Victoria’s Coronation

Must have been a million farts and burps released.


Singing I, I, yippee yippee I

Singing I, I, pickle bread and pie

Singing such a massive feast for thousands down at Parker’s Piece,

Full to bursting by the time we said bye bye

Verse 2

More than four thousand five hundred loaves of bread

Fifty tons of beef to fill each hungry head.

Stacks of pickles salt and mustard and we guess a lot of custard

For the sixteen hundred puddings at the spread.


Verse 3

With the rivers full of sewage, they were fearful,

Drinking water, and so folk all had a beerful.

Even children drank from pots and tiny tots were given tots,

Little wonder everybody was so cheerful.


Verse 4

When the meal was done the fun did not stop there,

Choi-rs singing, a balloon sent in the air.

Once the kids had stuffed their faces they took part in silly races

Riding donkeys, rams and pigs from here to there.


Verse 5

There were games and prizes in the meal deal,

Biscuit bolting, orange bobbing, grab an eel.

Even prizes there for winning for the champion of grinning,

Perfect ending to the greatest ever meal.