Episode 82: When It Comes Crashing Down

Jul 23, 2018, 11:00 PM

Episode 82 is here, brother. And it gets raw and to the point about WWE reinstating Hulk Hogan. As seen on Medium and in Vibe Magazine, we hit everything from Jay's first time seeing the Hulkster as a child, to what he was doing the day he saw Hogan's name trending on Twitter for the worst of reasons, to his thoughts on the history of Race, Rap, and Wrestling, to nostalgia will not heal this wound. (Warning: Very Strong Language; t/w: Racial Slurs)

Then, DeMar DeRozan, a JSC favorite, became the latest victim of "loyalty" in pro sports. He stayed "loyal" to the Raptors through it all...only to end up getting shipped out of Toronto for a dude who doesn't wanna be there. I don't even hate to say I told you so. Come get this work!

Check out the Hogan piece on Vibe Mag here: bit.ly/hoganvibe Or the Deeper Dive Original Medium piece here: bit.ly/hoganmedium

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