07/24/2018 The Blitz Hour 2

Jul 24, 11:12 PM

Fred gives the Blitz listeners a chance to win tickets to attend the listener appreciation party on August 2nd. These are the rules to enter to win: email faour975@gmail.com your name, contact information and one to two reason why you should win. However, listeners MUST email (no other types of submissions will be accepted) and all submissions are due by 11 p.m. tonight. After, Fred and AJ talk more college football specifically teams with the toughest schedules and top contenders for the upcoming season. Following, they talk about a Houston Chronicle article that listed the best places to get tacos in Houston. The Zadok Jeweler Gem of the day was a story about a man being arrested for stripping down in a Planet Fitness and doing yoga. The hour closes with the news that Chicago now holds the title as the rat capitalafter receiving the most complaints for rats.