I Can Do This - Judy Elrod, Murphy Merger and Acquisition Advisors

Episode 6,   Jul 30, 2018, 03:12 AM

As a business owner, broker and Certified M&A Intermediary, Judy Elrod has over 30 years of experience helping businesses. Judy started her career with Bank of America and rose to become Senior Vice President heading the Regional Commercial Loan and Real Estate Centers with 150 employees and over $13 billion loan portfolio. She went on to become a Chief Lending Officer in the credit union industry. After leaving the financial services industry, she was CEO and founder of a consulting firm focusing on helping businesses from start-up to mid-sized companies with business strategy and people management solutions. Judy has found continued success by continually telling herself "I can do this" whenever she finds herself in an uncomfortable or unknown situation. 

Judy finds that the future, rather than the past, is the key to stimulating buyer interest. She says, “Selling a middle-market business combines both art and science. There is the practical side as well as the art of formulating strategies that maximize your business’ perceived value. "