How a world record breaking row across the Indian Ocean inspired the first alkaline ionised water to launch in Europe

Aug 03, 2018, 01:59 PM

Jamie Douglas Hamilton founded Actiph Water after setting two world records rowing 4,200 miles from Australia to Africa across the Indian Ocean.

The gruelling journey which saw team members burn 8-10,000 calories and drink 13 litres of water a day - suffering hallucinations and passing out as a result -  was Jamie’s inspiration for creating Actiph Water.

The eureka moment came when a team member mixed fresh water with sea water. The effect was so profound the crew started to mix every second bottle of drinking water with one third sea water, replacing essential minerals. This had a dramatic effect, producing less hallucinations and leaving the crew feeling energised after rebalancing their bodies.

Realising the vital role hydration plays in performance and wellbeing has led Jamie to create the first alkaline ionised bottled water made in Great Britain. It is made by purifying spring water from Shropshire, adding electrolytes, then supercharged by ionisation to remove all the acidic ions, leaving a smooth tasting, alkaline water that is refreshing and easy to drink.

In this podcast we talk to Jamie about his journey from bedroom to boardroom and what his plans are for the future.