NFL trade, training camp news, injuries, and more...

Aug 06, 2018, 01:44 PM

Dane Martinez and Scott Engel are your daily morning Rotoexperts. Scott and Dane open the show looking at the Browns trading Corey Coleman to the Browns, and what it means for the Browns and Josh Gordon, who has not reported to training camp. In New England, the guys look at the wide receiver situation, as well as the wack-a-mole problem in the backfield, especially after Sony Michele went down with a knee injury. The guys think the new helmet rule will have big impact not just on the games, but also on fantasy and for gambling purposes; Dane's biggest fear is the inconsistency of how the penalties are called over the course of the season. Scott chatted at the park with Braves pitcher Kevin Gausman, who talks about his new love for WR Julio Jones in fantasy leagues, now that he is playing in Atlanta. Looking at some top running backs, dane and Scott question the head health of Devontae Freeman, but are not worried about the overall health of Leonard Fournette. 

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