#223: I Watched A Murder

Aug 08, 2018, 02:52 AM

1 – Armando Frank was killed on YouTube. No indictment necessary. 2 – LeBron opened a school. People got mad. What The Fuck?! 3 – Don’t count your chickens, or Ostrich as the case may be. 4 – Wilbur Ross is pulling a Madoff 5 – Trump tweets beyond… oh screw it, he’s at it again. 6 – I lost my invisible plane again. Damn Where did I park it? 7 – Q Anon is coming or maybe… it's here. 8 – Nia Wilson. Say Her Name. 9 – The NRA is crying snowflake tears. 10 – The only thing worse than being called a racist is being a stupid racist.